Mt Hagen & Orange

Mt. Hagen is the 3rd largest city in Papua New Guinea.  It is the capital of the Western Highlands Province and is located in a large fertile valley  known at Wahgi Valley in central mainland PNG.

The Orange City Council (NSW) and Mt. Hagen Good Practice scheme partnership commenced in 2000 and emerged out of the two council’s long standing sister-city relationship. Mt. Hagen and Organe are currently developing a waste management plan for the city, an activity that emerged from the local ‘town development plan’ project completed in phase I of the Good Practice Scheme.  In addition to the town planning and waste management plan, the partners are also looking at practical ways to support small scale economic opportunities for women.

GPS Objective: To develop a sustainable solid waste management strategy for Mt. Hagen which takes into consideration the growing demands of the local community.

Activities under this partnership include:

  • Implementation of a green waste management process that utilises 50 per cent of green waste collection in the city;
  • Piloting of a green waste composting process;
  • Piloting of scrap steel collection in partnership with a private sector collection group;
  • Development of an integrated financial management system and the capacity of the local council staff;
  • Contributing to the economic empowerment and skills of women in the local community.

Achievements to date include:

  • Documentation and approval of a new town plan for Mt. Hagen;
  • Construction of a pedestrian safety and planning demonstration project;
  • Confirmation on planning requirements for the newly constructed Hagen Market, which is consistent with the new town plan;
  • Training of environmental officers on waste management practices through short term placements and job shadowing;
  • Capacity building of local council management staff;
  • A waste management plan for the city is currently in development, which emerged out of the local ‘Town Development Plan’ project completed as phase one of the partnership;

Scoping is currently taking place on practical ways to support small scale economic opportunities for women. This currently includes looking at how the re-use of recyclable waste products can generate income opportunities for women.  Material support, including donations of computers and a waster truck by Orange City Council and the selling of craft and artifacts in Orange has been an ongoing activity for the women of Mt. Hagen Council.  For more information please visit the LGMA website at or to learn more about CLGF Pacific go to


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