Alatou & Sunshine Coast

Alotau is the capital of Milne Bay Province and located on the northern shore of Milne Bay. Sunshine Coast Regional Council (formerly Noosa Council) and Alotau commenced their partnership in 2007.  Following scoping visits by Sunshine Coach officials to Alotau, the partners agreed to work together to improve the city’s waste management services.

GPS Objective: To improve the Council Waste Management services in Alotau and introduce an IT billing system.

To achieve this objective, the project partnerships have identified the following activities:

  • Hands on training with Alotau Council staff on computer software and applications on waste billing;
  • Meetings with the Alotau local litter control committee and the development of further strategies;
  • Implementation of regular litter control programs;
  • Continuous staff training aimed at skills development and institutional capacity building;
  • Technical visits and job shadowing with Sunshine Coast Council waste management and information technology staff;
  • Training on new computer software for billing and licensing systems.

Achievements to date:

  • Training courses for Senior Environmental health officers of Alotau ULLG on safety training including short term work placements in Noosa;
  • IT training in the use of the new billing software for waste accounts;
  • The pilot of a Dogs and Health licensing system with new software;
  • The commencement of a bin register system;
  • Installation of waste disposal units in selected areas and a corresponding awareness program;
  • ·continuous training on new computer software for the billing and licensing systems for Alotau ULLG staff.

For more information please visit the LGMA website at or to learn more about CLGF Pacific go to


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